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Kids’ Transportation

Trustee Transportation will service your family, taking your kids where they need to be. They start off with school and may end with soccer practice. Some kids have a more artistic side and piano lessons, or medical appointments such as the dentist or the orthodontist. We will get them there!

Senior Citizens

Is it time for a senior family member to stop driving? Do they still want the opportunity to travel around locally, live independently, and continue with weekly activities? Here at Trustee Transportation we realize the importance of providing transportation to the elderly community. Our services allow them to maintain the feeling of being independent by being able to attend social activities with friends, trips to the grocery store, and doctor’s appointments without having to constantly ask others for help.

Airport Service or Special Events

Have any business trips or family vacations planned? Is your birthday coming up? Do you have an anniversary or a wedding celebration you’re making plans for? Or is it simply a romantic night in the city enjoying your favorite bottle of wine? Look no further! Unlike other companies, we also provide transportation service for these occasions. We cater to all of your family transportation requirements.

We Do Our Job Right


We’re a safe, insured, reliable option for family transportation.


Always punctual we
never miss a date


Prepared for
any bad weather


We keep our vehicles


Call us at any time with any
questions you need answered


We guarantee the comfort and happiness of the passenger


We put smiles on the faces of your family members!


We answer emergency calls!


Atlanta Metro Area

High Quality, Satisfaction Guaranteed

Striving to be the best requires delivering the best!

Trustee Transportation is perfecting its business with every new client we have, so that we can always deliver the absolute best. Upgrading our technology and knowledge and never missing a chance to make a customer happy has been and will always be a priority. Our image is represented by high quality and professionalism, which we will continue to offer with our services in order to earn and keep your trust.

Trustee Transportation provides punctual, high-quality services so you can receive what you deserve: time well spent to handle other pressing issues. We truly understand that time is not only precious, but TIME IS MONEY.
Carpool Lanes

Are you tired of driving to schools and waiting in long carpool lanes?

Traffic to Airport

Don’t be stuck in traffic driving your loved one to the airport.

Senior Errands

No longer do you need to allocate time to take senior citizens on errands.

Doing it for you is our job!

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